Fire on the Midway, a fire artist collective began somewhere in the mind of Scott Dupree.  He once performed amazingly with fire poi.  He, Thomas Boston Clarkson, and Ken Smith collaborated on The High Stryker, a flaming test of strength game with a scoreboard specially painted by Scott.  It has been hit with a heavy sledgehammer thousands of times.  Jessica Marshall (me,  the author of this piece) helped out with little electrical and some hole drilling through steel with a hand drill… little did she/I know more was to come.   Premiered at Bonnaroo 2007 with The Art of Such N’ Such.

The Kitty Roaster (featured above) is a fire machine extraordinaire attached to a skeeball game.  Playable yes!  Fun Yes!  A whole lotta POOFFPOOF!!!  Yep.  An amazing sculpture with a flaming chandelier.  and a whole lot of rivets… thousands… oh the holes we drilled, the curses we made as drill bits broke.  Premiered at Bonnaroo 2008.

More history to come… stay toon’d