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Fire on the Midway, a fire artist collective began somewhere in the mind of Scott Dupree.  He once performed amazingly with fire poi.  He, Thomas Boston Clarkson, and Ken Smith collaborated on The High Stryker, a flaming test of strength game with a scoreboard specially painted by Scott.  It has been hit with a heavy sledgehammer thousands of times.  Jessica Marshall (me,  the author of this piece) helped out with little electrical and some hole drilling through steel with a hand drill… little did she/I know more was to come.   Premiered at Bonnaroo 2007 with The Art of Such N’ Such.

The Kitty Roaster (featured above) is a fire machine extraordinaire attached to a skeeball game.  Playable yes!  Fun Yes!  A whole lotta POOFFPOOF!!!  Yep.  An amazing sculpture with a flaming chandelier.  and a whole lot of rivets… thousands… oh the holes we drilled, the curses we made as drill bits broke.  Premiered at Bonnaroo 2008.

More history to come… stay toon’d

Cast of Characters of Character

We are:

Scott J Dupree (left) – scoundrel, flame effects, painter, dog lover, instigator, looking to his left (your right), special effects (like for reals!), and so much more

Thomas Boston Clarkson – (right)  Blacksmith extraordinaire (no, he doesn’t pay me to say that), flame effects, also a bit of a scoundrel, sculptor extraordinaire, and so much more

Jessica Marshall – (Middle) – pfft.. well, I do like the electrical, and Thomas taught me a thing or two about metal (oh the power hammer.. ).  But Switch boxes, electrical/electronics, and flame effects of course.  Also a bit of a scoundrel… and so much more..?

(I hope I still have friends)


For booking and other info, contact Jessica Marshall at firewhip@gmail.com