Cast of Characters of Character

We are:

Scott J Dupree (middle) – scoundrel, flame effects, painter, dog lover, instigator, looking to his left (your right), special effects (like for reals!), and so much more

Thomas Boston Clarkson – (2nd from right, 4th from left, has a hat, holding the parasol)  Blacksmith extraordinaire (no, he doesn’t pay me to say that), flame effects, also a bit of a scoundrel, sculptor extraordinaire, and so much more

Jessica Marshall – (second from left, your left, brown dress, sunglasses (should have taken those off)) – pfft.. well, I do like the electrical, and Thomas taught me a thing or two about metal (oh the power hammer.. ).  But Switch boxes, electrical/electronics, and flame effects of course.  Also a bit of a scoundrel… and so much more..?

JP Wheely (Jeff Poppa Wheely, aka Jeff Lohmuller) – (left)  High Stryker barker extraordinaire, Mechanical Engineer extraordinaire, “Oh, if you need me to get this running, I will”.. no doubt!  Hasn’t exhibited all the signs, but most definitely a bit of an extraordinaire scoundrel.

Marleyne Smith – ( yeah, your right of course.  It wouldn’t be Jeff….) – Flame effects extraordinaire.  This lady can blow stuff up.. in a really super way.  She blows a mean smoke ring and lights up a Bic like you wouldn’t believe!!  Don’t even get her started with an anvil shoot (like shoot an anvil into the air.. with a huuuge bang!!).  I’m fairly confident that she is also a bit of a scoundrel.  And so much more

Amber Smith – (under, cause she’s a diver extraordinaire.. she’s welding down there on the metal beam we are all standing on in 40′ of shark-infested waters.. and she’s down there welding!!!)- Flame Effects, makes-things-go-boom with Marleyne (team Smith rocks!).  Shes also plays an Alabama tune like you wouldn’t believe.  She plays it like you know… she’s a bit of a scoundrel.  And so much more

(I hope I still have friends)